Xcepted Corporation was founded on the mission of care and compassion, making a difference and acceptance in society of the clients that we serve. Xcepted employs Behavior Consultants who provide a client-focused, team approach to behavior management.

Behavior Consultants
All of our Behavior Consultants have a Master’s Degree in one or more of the following areas:

  • Clinical psychology, counseling psychology, school psychology, or another applied health service area of psychology;
  • Special Education;
  • Social Work; or
  • Counseling and meet one of the following Indiana state criteria: A) Be a licensed marriage and family therapist licensed under IC 25-23.6; B) Be a licensed clinical social worker under IC 25-23.6; C) Be a licensed mental health counselor under IC 25-23.6; or D) Have a master's degree in a human services field and be able to demonstrate to the Behavior Management Committee of the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services (BDDS) that the individual either has coursework or five years of experience in devising, implementing, and monitoring behavior support plans.

Our Behavior Consultants work directly with the individual, family members, and staff members to replace challenging behaviors with positive behaviors. They work with our clients in their natural setting, such as the client’s home, day program, workshops, community, and schools. All of our Behavior Consultants are required to take continuing education credit seminars throughout the year and are supervised by our Level 1 clinician, who has a doctorate degree.

Client-Focused Approach

The Behavior Consultants at Xcepted Corporation approach each client as an individual, treating him or her with dignity and respect. 

Team Approach

Xcepted Corporation’s Behavior Consultants work with the individual’s team members to ensure the most appropriate strategies for the client. 

Crisis Calls

The Behavior Consultants at Xcepted Corporation are on call 24/7 for emergency crisis intervention.